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Jewelry website links!

It's been so long since I posted that I sort of forgot I have a LJ account. I still check my flist every day and read all the posts, but somehow mis-placed the idea that _I_ can post stuff here, too. ::thwaps forehead::

But here's my news -- this summer I buckled down and took steps to turn my jewelry hobby back into a business. Last time I was professionally selling was pre-social-media and websites were an option, not a requirement. In fact, most of the galleries I worked with didn't like artists having their own websites, because it meant you were selling directly to the customer and by-passing their cut. It was considered the height of rudeness to put any web info on your price tags.

Cut to a handful of years later, and you're an idiot if you don't put some kind of web info on a tag, and not considered a real professional if you don't have a web presence. It's amazing how fast that changed.

This particular go-'round, the jewelry work is mostly fandom-themed. I'm working on licensing deals and my ideas folder is filled with "inspired by" sketches from video games and tv shows. Specifically, my first line is based on Lorenzo Sherman's Circular Gallifreyan which is a licensed bit of fan art that creates a written language for the Time Lords of the Doctor Who mythos.

More specifically, I'm hand-sculpting bronze keychain fobs. The brunt of my pitch is "your name in Gallifreyan", but I can do pretty much anything and have done custom orders for Warhammer miniature army logos, pendants with religious insignia, and icons from video games.

Without further ado, here are my links:

The Etsy shop is at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ARTxGEEK

The art blog is: http://www.artxgeek.blogspot.com/

and if you're on Facebook, you can like me at Art x Geek. The name of the shop is actually ARTxGEEK, but Fb wouldn't let me do that as a name.

Feel free to pimp these links out to anyone and everyone. :) And, as always, thanks for the friendship and support.

Your argument is invalid.

Originally posted by bassclefgirl at Your argument is invalid.
Originally posted by kylecassidyat post
Oh yah, I was in Minnesota this past weekend.

I made you this.

Use it wisely.

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Fandom squee

If you love a fandom (pretty much any fandom), go check out this brilliant vid celebrating the history of our love of fictional people.

Click link for multi-fandom vid of love. :)


That whole pesky "freedom of speech" thing goes both ways. Yay.


This happened last week, and I freaked out a bit and didn't tell anyone for a day or so, then sent out a mass email announcing the news. Just today I realized that there are people who are LJ friends but not email friends, and they still don't know. So... here you are, LJ-friends: news.

The situation with my tax debt has been resolved. After much paperwork and negotiation, the state and federal government have agreed to accept about a third of the debt as payment-in-full, and release all liens on my home. There's still some final paperwork to be done, but all the approvals are in. I'm free.

If you want the much, much longer version, it's after the cut. (If you got the email, you've seen all this.)Collapse )

review: Mechanique

Just posted the following book review to GoodReads, and thought I'd copy it over here.

Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti by Genevieve Valentine

Difficult to describe, but easy to recommend -- Mechanique is like nothing I've read before.

On the surface, it's about a circus that travels through a world torn by constant warfare. The circus becomes a tiny, mobile haven for art and beauty in amongst the fighting and killing and hardships of life outside.

It's so much more than that, however. It's a book about love, and pain, death and rebirth, humanity, cages, wings, hard choices and most importantly: the social contract. What do we give up for security and belonging?

The prose is as unique as the story itself. The timeline jumps back and forth, the pov moves from character to character, from first to third person. It's disjointed, but it perfectly suits a novel about clockwork acrobats built out of whatever parts were lying around. Others have said they find the style difficult to follow at first, but I was hooked from the first chapter.

The characters are deeply compelling -- flawed, ugly, desperate, doomed and heart-breakingly beautiful. Unique, each of them, and haunting.

Mechanique will stay with me for a long time to come. I'm going to go look up more of Genevieve Valentine's work -- if this is an example of her style, I've found a new favorite author.

You know it's hot when...

Last night when I got in my car after work the rear-view mirror had fallen off. The heat in the car over the course of the day melted the glue.

I like summer. I like the heat. But even I am beginning to think that perhaps enough is enough.

new fanfic pairing

Tiptool text: The best thing about Strunk/White fanfiction is that it's virtually guaranteed to be well-written.


Shot By Lightning

This weekend I was outside working on my house (Got so much accomplished. Well done, me.) and a couple of neighborhood girls about age 10-11 stopped by and yelled at me to get my attention. So I stopped working, put down the tools and turned off my iPod. The reason they had stopped the Obviously Busy Person from working was to ask, "Is it true that your husband got shot by lightning?"

I've been divorced since '06, but I was married for almost 20 years, most of that time spent in the house I still own. Apparently the lack of Man at my place has become something of an urban legend around the neighborhood. The older man across the street once wandered over when I was on the roof to ask, "Why don't you have a man to do that?" A middle-aged guy walking his dog once said, "I could never get my wife to do all the work you do - what did your husband say to get you to work like that?" (This last one was particularly annoying b/c his tone and expression were so sexist. Look! A woman, working! Someone post this on the interwebs!)

But no one's ever asked if the Man of the House was dead, and they were kids. So I explained that I'm divorced, not widowed. And then, because I'm me, I explained that the verb you use with lightning is either "hit" or "struck", not "shot".

I did not bother to explain that my pedantic nature was, if not a reason for the divorce, at least a contributing element. From the way their wee little faces glazed over I figured that part was obvious.

That'll teach 'em to ask me personal questions. *g*

Internet Goodies

1. Check out Google's home page today if you haven't seen it. It's fun.

2. slb44 already posted this, but I love it so much I'm sharing. An Austin, TX theater kicked out a young woman for texting on her phone despite repeated requests to stop. She called the theater later and left a profanity-laden voice mail... which they are now using as a public PSA. It's just a beautiful thing. I want to send them flowers or something. Here's a link to the story, which includes a vid of the PSA they're now running before all R movies.

"If you take advantage of that girl you'll go to the special hell -- the one reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theater." -- Shepard Book


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